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Cancellation request for consumers

You can conveniently terminate your contracts at any time in the KIS ( You can find information on this in our FAQ at
Alternatively, we are also happy to help you by phone at +49 221 99999 301. As a private individual, you can use the form below.
We check and verify every request. If verification is not possible due to insufficient information, it may be necessary to contact our customer service to carry out the cancellation. .
In order to ensure a quick and uncomplicated processing of your cancellation, we recommend that you be as precise as possible with the mandatory details and enter the data as they are also stored in the KIS.
We must ensure that only authorised persons give notice of termination. This is the only way we can prevent unauthorised orders and ultimately the unlawful deletion of your data.
Entries from corporate clients will not be processed via this form, please submit your cancellations via the alternatives mentioned above.

If 'extraordinary' is selected, the reason is optional.
Name of our contractual partner or the holder of the domain to be cancelled
Your address

The more precisely you specify the contract to be cancelled, the easier it is for us to assign or verify your cancellation. Ideally, you should enter the contract number, the domain name and/or your customer number; you will find this information in the KIS (

You can also conveniently cancel your contract at any time in the KIS (

  • WebPacks, servers, etc. can be cancelled under Product Management - *Your Product* - Configure - Contract & Add-ons - Contract.
  • Deletion: Product Administration - Domain Service - Domain Administration - Edit Existing Domains
  • Transfer: Product Administration - Domain Service - Domain Administration - Create/View Transfer Releases
This information is optional
You can enter your desired termination date here. However, this information is optional. If you leave this field blank, the cancellation will take place after successful verification according to the contractually agreed conditions on the next possible date.
Please note that a termination is only possible according to the contractually agreed conditions and can therefore deviate from your desired date.
We can only confirm receipt of your cancellation if you enter an e-mail address here. If you leave the field blank and we are unable to assign your request due to insufficient data, we will have no way of contacting you.
We recommend that you enter the e-mail address stored in the KIS.
Fields marked with * are mandatory